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Someone call the doctor, indeed

To, in a way, follow up on a previous post, Christina Aguilera and her management are most certainly not those responsible for the iamamiwhoami viral campaign. Unfortunately, they are in fact responsible for this monstrosity.

The truth is I like the song, was even addicted to it for a day or two when it first came out. But this….this is just bad. Whoever directed this should never be allowed on a set again.

But what really bothers me, is in part something that bothers me about the song. In it, Aguilera sings about going “crazy” for one night. This, as defined by the song’s lyrics, involves “dancing a lot, ” “taking shots,” and “feeling fine.” It doesn’t mention anything about wearing bedazzled bondage gear and having an orgy on what looks like the  stage of the church I used to go to for vacation Bible school. I know that at one point she claims to be “kissing on the boys and the girls” but does that also mean tying them up and giving them a lap dance? Yeah, I know about artistic license, I’m a fan of GaGa’s “Telephone” video, I get that a video’s content doesn’t have to exactly fit the song. But this is a different situation.

The lyrics of the song bothered me because as she is a woman who’s already gone through her dirrty phase and since gotten married and had a child, I was a little confused as to where “Not Myself Tonight” fit into Ms Aguilera’s personal narrative. Looking at it more closely now, I get that she is taking on the voice of much younger less experienced women out at the club. Thus, the song’s lyrics reflect how exactly said women may “get crazy” while enjoying listening to the song at their favorite bar. However, the video is a promotional tool of a different kind. There’s no vicarious living, we see Christina, and thus when she says she’s not herself, she must go above and beyond what we know her to be. Which I guess is where the burning of her wardrobe and ripping off Madonna comes in.

The thing is when you have such a wide disparity between content and promotion, well I hate to say it Christina, but your opportunist is showing. Not that it hasn’t been for a long time, but its just all hanging out right now. Especially when you end up with a video that looks so damn cheap because you spent so much money on the jewelry.

You wanna bank on being freaky, get your mob mentality on. GaGa is constantly citing her fans and the gay scene as her inspiration. And Ke$ha while hardly the most original artist on the scene right now, has a track “Take It Off” that talks about going nuts on a night out, but its the place and the people, “the freaks” that make her that way. Not her marketing team.

Anyway, for those of you who actually want some good pop music that doesn’t exploit what’s trendy in female sexuality this season (at least, not in this country) f(x) just released their latest mini album Nu ABO, and a single by the same name. Check out the teaser.


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